Futures TED spread make up?

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  1. How exactly can one makeup the TED spread with futures? Im assuming most people just use 13-week T-Bill futures (symbol GTB) with 3month Eurodollar futs (symbol GE) of the same expiration? Are the ratios just one to one?
  2. I think most people use the T-note futs vs Eurodollars... Therefore, I heard these things described as TUTED, FVTED, etc.
  3. It's DV01 or duration-weighted, rather than 1:1...
  4. Advantage Futures (dot) com------>Resources----->Upcoming Events----->TED Spread Seminar. Attend if it's convenient or wait for the archive recording. There may actually be some good ideas revealed in the seminar. :cool:
  5. hahha way ahead of ya buddy. Im gonna be watching the recording :)
  6. Aww, too bad. I heard they'll be serving Hennessy Paradis to the attendees after the event. :D
  7. Thanks AF is a good group, didn't know they offered any educational seminars.
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    Hi, does anyone know of any books on ted spreads - specifically when your trading Euribor vs Schatz, thanks in advance...
  9. What sorts of books might those be? You looking for what ted spreads are, fundamentally, or some sort of a guide to trading schatz vs bor?
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