Futures tanking - Bush's PPT know unemployed

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  1. I miss Paulson already.
  2. Amazing how grown men and women can't spell the difference between KNOW and NOW.
  3. Lucrum


    Maybe "they" are not adults to begin with.
  4. Rocko1


    Woo, now you're gonna get a ton of hate mail from the society of dyslexics... God knows they'd exist in America.
  5. gnome


    PPT was around before Bush's reign of financial terror.
  6. They also have trouble with lose and loose.

    And people it's not "rediculous" it's "ridiculous" :cool:

  7. Lucrum


    So you like older bald guys do you?

  8. bush reign of financial terror? :confused:

    bush is nothing more then a lost minion following his master CHENEY's orders....to blame all on bush is to not at all understand all the pieces that were put in place and then executed over many years to destroy our country.

    If you want a single more simplistic target of your blame then you all better be looking straight at the FED!!! :eek:

    BTW, PPT was a component used to aid in the destruction of our economy.....un-natural financial rallies when globalists were LONG was NEVER a good thing. Now that Globalist Wealth Entities are advancing their destructive plans you SURE IN HELL don't see the old CON JOB PPT in action......DO YOU??? LOL!!! :eek:

    P lanned

    P overty

    T eam
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    Glad I bought a little SSG and FAZ about 20 mins before the close on Friday, those are good for a $5 dollar rise right off the open....
  10. Come know, you are just being redickuloose.
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