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  1. Anyone know of a charting software where I can not only do spread charts but perform various studies on the different spreads like moore's research?

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    I trade spreads so I can answer from experience.

    A lot of the TA software out there will plot spreads, but they are not all created equal. For example, to plot a spread in Tradestation takes way too many steps. You have to add two symbols to a chart, add the Spread(x-y) indicator, then make the data series 1 and 2 hidden so all you see is the spread chart. Way too many steps.

    The best software out there to plot spreads is the eSignal software, mainly because it handles formulas well. For example, when a chart is up, you just start typing and it will begin accepting your formula. For example, C Z5 - C Z4 and press Enter for a corn spread. It even accepts price multipliers when spreading different commodities and you need to adjust prices of one commodity. Example: S X4 - 600*(BO Z4).

    You can link a quote window with a chart, add all your spread formulas into the quote window. As you scroll through the quote window, the chart will display the currently selected formula. Nice.

    All indicators available to charts will work with your spread chart.

    I hope this helps.
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    There's also a nice suite of spread software that's pretty unique for what's found on the web. It allows you to do most of the things that you see on Moore's research. I've been using it for a few months now, and am really satisfied.

    Check it out at www.scarrtrading.com

    Good luck