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  1. Good morning - I was on Elite Trader for quite some time, but lost my old login.

    I would like to post my futures trading signals. I have been utilizing this system personally in REAL TIME. Please watch/follow them. I am open to any constructive critique, just please be polite! If you have any questions, please message me here.

    Attached are today's signals and rules.
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  2. Signals with ES and NQ
  3. Long target achieved - October Heating Oil @ 1.7208. We no longer trade this contract today.
  4. Long target achieved - October Unleaded Gas @ 1.7436. We no longer trade this contract today.
  5. Long target achieved - Dec. Gold @ 1323.6 Cease trading that contract for the rest of the day.
  6. Stopped out - Sept. E-Mini @ 2468.50. Trading signals in ESU still apply for long/short re-entry.
  7. The EUR.USD target of 1.9275 must be a typo, as it doesn't make any sense.
  8. SteveM


    From your pdf:

    "* Signals calculated 1 hour after open

    Signals will disseminated 3 times per day:
    Currencies and gold - approx. 8:20am
    ET Energy: 9:30am ET Stock Futures: 10:30am ET"


    Just curious how you are calculating your signals? ATR? Opening range? Fibs?
  9. I appreciate your question. I really can't divulge any of the strategies. The signals are derived from a long proven algo that was used when I was in the hedge fund space. To use this for my personal trading, I had to sign a non-disclosure document. I can't even divulge the name of the fund. Apologies for not being able to answer in detail.
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    thanks for sharing such an awesome system.
    what is the annual return and sharpe ratio of the strategy ? Is it trend following or mean reversion
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