Futures rising nicely

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock_trad3r, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Dow 8,016.00 71.00 0.89
    S&P 500 814.10 8.10 1.00
    NASDAQ 100 1,153.25 5.75 0.50

    1% gain

    fund loading up on those contracts like there's no tomorrow. bid em' up, boys.
  2. stock_trad3r is right. The fact that IBM is up afterhours is proof the so-called recession is almost over,
  3. After a 5% loss...hmm...sounds like a rally in a BEAR MARKET.
  4. YoungBlud


    Don't bottom fish until you can actually see some sand!

    Even then we might sink right thru it.

    Got minor burns 2x trying to go long tues. Got short and doubled down at close, stop around 835 s&p
  5. Why did you have to start this thread?? :(

    Its obvious the markets gonna get beaten up again, but I was waiting for a slightly better number before I short the hell out of it again like yeterday (all posted in REALTIME in the ES journal) and make a mint!

    But you have probably cursed this up move now already, based on your uncanny knack of misstiming your market calls/observations....
  6. He starts threads like this all the time. I move them into chit chat as fast as possible. I'm working on a script that will auto move his threads into chit chat the moment he posts.