Futures recover half their losses overnight

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by myminitrading, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. How about that, amazing, yesterdays nasty selloff, may be a distant memory as the magic futures float higher and higher

    Pull that offer and tap tap tap, up up up it goes. It's like we have noting to worry about, the futures always come to the rescue.

    Can you say huge gap open.
  2. Gap will be filled today due to market breaking through some tech levels. While yesterday wasnt a good candidate to fill today is. I am short ER2 at 823.3 and am trying to get short YM and ES if not filled before open will go to mrkt.
  3. Bogan, is your ES short area 1533??
  4. They're going to recover even more ... now is not a good time to be Short.

  5. Interesting we never see these type of "the markets are rigged" threads on a gap down. Only on gap ups.
  6. Market broke down hard and never gave a chance to sell short on the retrace.

    Now it's back in the green, will look for support to hold to go long.

    Good trading (and good trading),

  7. Cash Dow just turned negative. This is a buying opportunity right?:p :p :p
  8. Support's coming in.

    Caught the retrace for 4pts (it's all good fellas, we obviously all have different styles of trading).

    Coffee time.

  9. Seriously, I believe there will be a swing trade long opportunity in early August lasting a week or two.
  10. This is too easy
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