Futures ramping another big rally coming

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  1. Citi reports good numbers..up huge in the premarket

    futures market surging

    Should be a very good day

    I rarely fail

    Long 100 goog @ 455

    I know how stocks work. I know how the market works.

    Hey jackshit54 what happened to the SPY triple top at 137? Whaa...no more selloff? Did you take your imaginary profit?

  2. Please post a screenshot detailing that trade. Congrats if you indeed made it.
  3. huge earnings from honeywell

    Dow futures up a staggering 150 points

    Nasdaq futures up 40

    Spooz futures up 20

    wow this is gonna be a monster day and I'm fully vested on margin even in an imaginary recession.
  4. Congrats! Too few on ET put their money where their mouth is.
  5. thanks

    Could the dow surge 400 points again? Seems very possible.
  6. Could definitely have a big rally, but those Citi earnings were shit. its just that the Street was expecting worse across the board. Expecting Armageddon and not getting it, hence the rally.
  7. Hehe. Its either going to be a triple breakout or breakdown. Its too early to call just yet.

    We now have 4 points of resistance. The high today appears to be 1389, the last high was 1386, the one previous 1388 and the one previous 1396.

    Before we start celebrating, lets wait until price moves through these points...

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  8. If I was long on Goog, then I would take some profits at today's level. For some people who longed goog above today's price point, they will figure that is this their chance to unload. While others who longed the stock below today's price, will be selling to lock in profit before the weekend.

    The chart suggests to me that there is some resistance up top that price has to overcome. There is also a large gap on the chart that will need to be filled sooner or later. Everyone is looking at their calendar and May is just a foot-step away.

    Keep in mind, I didnt participate in the conference call or read through the reports. I havent read through one or listened to a conference call since the 80s when I figured out that it doesnt really matter. I just go by what the chart tells me.
  9. I think google still has more room to run. it is still well off its highs and lagging bidu, aapl, rimm, and amazn.
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