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  1. What are some good prop. firms that deal with futures trading, and do these firms give ADDITIONAL leverage on futures?
  2. I guess I'm not looking for more levarage.. just a firm that lets you trade futures with a minimum deposit.
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    Unless you have an impressive track record, a firm is not going to give you any more leverage than is readily available through an FCM as a retail customer.

    What are you looking for.....an office space to trade your own funds?

    e s sambista
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    Quite a few with 5k minimum. Or are you looking for less than that?
  5. Futures props can offer virtually unlimited leverage ratios, but only intraday. With many retail firms offering $500 intraday index margins, what's the point of going prop?
  6. I heard McDonalds (NYSE: MCD) are an excellent company, they are specialized in commodities and allow you to trade the big mac index©:

    Although unknown to a broad amateur trading public, big mac futures are in big demand - you can verify this by walking through your streets, they have franchises EVERYWHERE.

    Y If you're good, you can quickly become regional manager. A friend of mine did, and his portfolio grew by at least 100% a YEAR (especially at the waist just in case you're into Gauss-curves).

    Oh and yes, thy do offer additional leverage, it's their so called "all you can eat" bonus system.

    You should apply ASAP, cause if you want to trade futures with additional leverage, McDonalds is the best employer you can get.

  7. Think about it.
    Even with a broker that requires overnight margin for intraday trading, you're getting about 20:1 leverage ($3500 overnight on ES, which is about 1/20 of the value of 1 ES contract). Some brokers offer $500 intraday margin -- think about it -- that is 140:1 leverage!

    How fast do you want to go broke?

    If any prop firm offers you that kind of leverage, on anything, read the fine print of the agreement very carefully.
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    I'm also looking -- commissions are dirty cheap at prop houses.
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    Unless you have a track record, I feel like a broken fukcing record, and trade 500 contracts a day, a prop firm is not for you if you trade futures.

    Do you have a track record?

    el surdo
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    I want the commission structure and yes eventually I will be doing 500 lots.
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