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  1. so who has a listing of prop or pro firms that trade futures and/or forex? please note on this thread. thanks in advance.
  2. H2O


    Bright and Echo both offer futures as far as I know (although Don doesn't incourage it)
  3. rtrading


    spike trading
    goldenberg heymayer
    transmarket group

    all in chicago.
  4. league trading (NYC & CT) only does futures

    most of the bigger firms will offer anything to the right person
  5. I was at their Vegas office on the Friday during the Trade Expo and had a great time! I thought they had a great group of traders and they have offices in other cities also. Send me a PM and I will give you more info if needed.

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    I've also been looking for a prop firm for futures, but am having difficulty seeing the advantage of working for a prop firm. Since futures are already heavily leveraged, prop firms have nothing to offer me. If we were trading stocks, then prop firms can be very advantageous.

    I hope I am wrong, since I would LOVE to work for a prop firm and have more capital to invest. However, my experience so far has been that they will not let me lose more than my initial capital contribution. Therefore, my trading size and stops have to remain the same as if I didn't have the extra capital from the firm!

    In other words, if they will shut me down if I lose my 10K contribution, then I must trade with the same # of contracts that I do now without their money, if I want to survive for the long haul. Where is the advantage of using prop firms?

    I even had a guy at one of the major prop firms agree with me. He stammered and said "you're right, you don't need me!"

    If you know of a firm that gives a futures trader definitive advantages, please let me know! I'll join them. I trade eminis successfully now.

  7. I think your definition of prop firm is wrong. At a prop futures firm you risk zero money, are given buying power, many of them pay a salary until you get going, but you give up a big percentage of profit but then can work up to a decent split at most prop futures firms. Your commission rates are also usually a lot lower then if you just had a retail acct. If you are with a good firm there will usually be several successful traders in the office which helps you maintain a positive mental attitude.


    I appreciate the correction! I must be speaking to the wrong prop firms! There have been a few mentioned in this thread, do you suggest I contact them? Do you know of any other futures prop firms?

    Again, THANK YOU for your help. I knew that there must be some prop firms that could help me!



    I should add that I have corresponded with Redwood Trading. They were not open to me being a futures prop until I had a retail account with them at least a year. They also told me that futures props are not needed, since it is already a leveraged instrument.

  10. Refco Trading Services has prop trading in chicago. They are opening a 120 seat arcade in january. They have a great training program geared to both newbies and guys coming off the floors and want to trade upstairs. When you become proficient, you can trade in any of their other offices throughout the world. Also more offices in US are in the works. check out www.refco.com,and look for the discussion on Refco Trading Services.
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