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    I recently joined a prop firm for equities in Orange County, CA.

    Its been going great. One of the things I've enjoyed is learning from those who are there. Sure, my managers are available to ask questions, but they themselves are trading in a different room.

    I've truly learned alot from those around me. When I ask questions, I get answers.

    I originally anticipated putting up 5-10k to join, but found out that there was no capital contribution.

    I'd like to take this spare cash and join a futures prop firm, in addition to trading equities at my current prop firm.

    The main reason for doing this is for the chance to ask others questions. I couldn't do this trading remote.

    Does anyone know of a futures prop firm located in Southern California that has an office? (LA, OC, ect)
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    If you are trading with more than 4:1 intraday leverage you are trading "The Firm's" capital and therefore are in violation of NASD regulations without a Series 7 .
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    again, you must be assuming something.

    i don't need a series 7 to trade the firms account, without a capital contribution.

    if you've got some questions or concerns, just pm me.
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    is anyone aware of a vtrader shop located in LA?

    Its on their website, however I've been told it no longer exists.

    Does anybody know?

    (also, I've been contacted about which firm I work at. I'm not in the position to say right now, nor am I here to advertise. If, however, you live in the SC area, we could just casually chat...again, if anything, I'm here to post about trading, my experience, ask questions, ect....but I never really considered talking about my firm's identity...theres already enough criticism and random dislikes thrown around at ET that I'd rather not subject myself to it.)
  8. VTrader does not have a corp office or their own office in LA or San Diego, but they have relationships for traders in those area to get a seat at a few different offices.

    This was mainly on the equity side. Futures and offices that trade them exclusively are rare down there. I only know one in the O.C area and it is private.
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    I noticed that Global Futures was located in Encino.

    Are there customers/traders that trade from that location, or is that a purely operations/IT/customer service office?
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