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    Anyone know which prop firms are generally considered to be well-respected in futures trading? I'm trying to find a new prop shop (I'm trading yield curve strategy) and having trouble finding good shops. Location doesn't really matter to me. Thanks.
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    Thanks, but I'm looking for a firm that will back me. This place seems to be just trader services and clearing. Have a solid track record trading and looking for a better situation. Thanks though.
  3. Marex used to be Refco Trading Services, they are one of the better prop firms in London and they do have a good number of backed traders, you'd just need to be very good with a proven record for them to be interested.

    Are you backed somewhere at the moment? Who have you spoken to already?

    You could look at Schneider, Kyte, Elite Derivatives, or one of the many lists of London prop firms as they are almost exclusively futures, unlike US props.
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    I am backed somewhere now. I'm in Chicago (I probably should have said that I'd prefer to stay in the US, but still not a deal breaker). The firm I'm with understands risk very well and they don't bother anyone when we see good opportunities and put on trades with size. However, they don't use a penny of the firm's profits to reinvest in the business. Our technology is awful (always about 2 years behind anyone on the street) and we have zero resources at our disposal. I don't mind it that the partners want to squeeze as much cash as possible out, but they have zero interest in developing traders to take them to the next level. I'd like to think I'm a very good trader and have a solid track record (and would still like to have a backer) but I think I have the ability to really take things to the next level and I don't think my firm cares about that (they're just interested in consistent profit). Does this make sense. Anyway, I'm just beginning my search now and was hoping for a few suggestions. Anything further you have to offer would be a big help.

    Thanks in advance to any help out there.