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    A storage business in December 3 yuan price wheat 5000 jins, to prevent prices risk in December, sell March 1 of futures contracts, 4 yuan. March 5000 jins, sell $2 / jins of wheat. At this time and buy March 1 of futures contracts, 2.5 yuan. Excuse me:
    1. Sell march futures contract, this is how to sell? Others why buy miles?
    2. Is then fell, storage and transportation business specific is how do?
    3. The above sold and bought two behavior exactly and what is the row, although can accept this word, but always think impassability, don't know the specific process??? What???
  2. What?
  3. MTE


    I bet the OP is using Google translate. :D
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    1- Goldman
    2- 20/80
    3- yes
    4- same