Futures or Stocks?! The truth

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  1. There was a thread here awhile go about the advantages of trading futures. That thread has since vanished. Maybe the powers that be do not want you to know the truth. haha
    Eh! It was probably just a database error, anyway ...

    Here are some some of the various reasons why a lot of consistant traders prefer to trade futures (YM, ES) over stocks.
    P.S. This list was complied from our thoughts as well as a few of the other members.
  2. And you can blow out your account 10x as fast! :D
  3. Yes, That's exactly true!

    Stick $5,000 in an account and get that stage of your trading career over with. Everyone I've known who's started with the $30,000 account has blown it up as well. Would rather see a newbie lose $2500-$5000 then $30,000.

    Depleting ones account is usually a turning point in which the newbie sayd "Alright dang it, time to get serious!!'
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    If you suck, sure.
  5. i trade both

    i make my income from futures scalping, i do some stock daytrading on the side,

    and i use longerterm and swingtrades in stocks for my portfolio to build wealth

    one thing i wanted to correct, though

    there ARE market makers in futures. but a market maker does not have the influence that he would have with stock. that's obvious, because futures can be arbed with underlyings, etc.

    so, you are correct in that market makers cannot influence an index future, like they might be able to do on an individual stock, but they still exist. Check cbot or cme if you doubt that there are futures market makers.
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    Well, I spent alot of time trying to trade futures profitably, and could never break over break-even. I'm trading stocks now and consistently making fairly good money. As far as I can tell, it is alot easier to find a tradeable edge in stocks.

    Kind of makes all of those other points irrelevant.
  7. Great. Glad you found a way to extract money from the market. Equities are what your better at. I've had the opposite experience but it doesn't make either of us a better trader. Keep up the good trading.
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    You need to reasearch that more in depth.
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    I guess my point is that your list is all minor points compared to actually being able to consistently make money with a particular product. You're singling out trees and I'm talking about the forest.

    I'm not really trying to be antagonizing here. Hope it doesn't sound like that.

    Good trading to you.
  10. No I didn't feel that way. Thanks for the input. The list was made from an old thread on here. It's just expanded over time. I agree with most of them. You could have everything in the world going for you and still fail if your mind wasn't in the right place. If your trading stocks now and switch to futures your not going to magically start raking in the dough.

    Anyway, good trading to you tomorrow. Going to get some shut eye.
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