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Discussion in 'Options' started by TraDaToR, Nov 8, 2012.

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    I am interested in trading commodity options actively and I am looking for a cheap analysis software.

    What I would typically like to be able to do is charting several intercorrelated products volatility smiles( equity indexes, soy and soy products... ) and chart volatility surfaces per products including long deferred new crop expiries...

    Is their something similar to Hoadley for futures? I am not looking for professional tools at 1K+ per month but just a cheap excel interface for TWS or something similar...

    Otherwise, if I have to code my own spreadsheets, do you think I can use IB TWS implied vol values directly or recalculate?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. sle


    Nothing prevents you from building one yourself, the number of underlying is small and there is plenty that can be done in Excel alone.
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  4. Hoadley works for futures too, only the IB option chains are not the best when pulled into Hoadley.

    I subscribed to eSignal OnDemand (ie delayed 15 mins) in order to get the futures options chains smoothly, plus I also use that for the local stocks so it works out nicely.

    I also bookmarked the site below, but beyond that I have not looked at the software. If you do look in detail, please share your views.

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    OK Thanks I think I will create spreadsheets using TWS implied vol values...

    It seems Option Star is just a soft to analyze spreads, my main concern is to chart vol surfaces.
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    Totally confused .

    In another thread
    people are saying that excel is useless because you are using historical volatility based on past data which is useless and you need too buy a programs that keed track of historical implied volatilities .

    In this thread you say use excel

    Whats the right way to go ???
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    You got it all wrong, re-read the thread you quoted...