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  1. Can anyone refer me to a FREE website that offers the best listing of Options on Futures prices...open, high, low, close etc...this seems to be very hard to find...I've viewed Barchart, Futuresource etc...am I missing something?...thanks for your help in advance!!!!:)
  2. thank you very much...I've actually seen it there before...do you know anywhere I can see the open, high, low close for any given futures option say for the last 10 days or 2 weeks etc?...the Barchart site only gives you the "today's" prices...thanks again!
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  4. I had the same problem as you. No info, no real time electronic quotes. I traded futures options for a while and made a bit of money, but the uncertainty of transactions made me quit it.

    For example. I put in an order to sell calls at x. I see on Barchart that these options were traded above x. I call my broker for confirmation, but he couldn't confirm until a few hours later, because he has not heard from the floor. And many times my order was not filled eventhough I had a better price...with no explanation.
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    Same here. Let the options pit traders play their games among themselves. I went from Alaron to TOS, and I can't believe the difference.
  6. thanks...cannot wait until Futures options are all electronic!
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    the cme has rt options b/a flash quotes for the es. I trade the sp but use it as a guideline.