Futures options platform similar to ToS?

Discussion in 'Options' started by steve3052, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. I have been trading equity and index options for some time on thinkorswim and really like the platform and am very comfortable with it.

    I would like to expand into some futures options trading as well, and was wondering if anyone knows what futures trading platforms/brokerages might be fairly similar to ToS.

  2. I'm also looking for a good futures options platform/brokerage
  3. MTE


    I'm waiting for TOS to add those.:)
  4. I think it does not exist (but I'd be happy to be wrong).

    DTN's ProphetX is a pretty good futures platform, but does not have integrated trading, as far as I know.

    If you're looking to do pit futures options, you're probably going to be disappointed. I've tried several. You can see my rant here:

    If you're looking to do electronic futures options, I've had great success with IB as my broker, but I've had to write my own platform.
  5. Thanks a lot for the input, FullyArticulate.

    I suspected it would be difficult (or impossible) to find a comparable platform, especially for pit traded futures. I'll take a look at ProphetX, but the thread you referenced is pretty scary - maybe I should just stick with equities/indices and dip my toe in the water via the electronic futures at IB!