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    can anyone let le know how to get Options open interest -I can set the column on options trader but it's empty), and chart implied volatility and historical volatility with TWS ?

    I get all these on etf and single stocks but not on commodities. is it necessary to subscribe to CME and CBOE market data ?

    Also how does one actually get the following table in TWS :


    Thanks in advance
  2. ghateley


    Launch "Option Trader" within TWS and you will see it there.

    Also, do what I do and open up a TOS account to mirror your positions into using papermoney. You get so much better data on there and it's much easier to manage your positions (beta weighting your deltas to the spy, IV charting, etc).
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    I hoped to get a faster reply from ET than from a ticket to IB

    Commodities options traders out here familiar with IB, can you tell me wether you get implied IV and historical IV on your charts, as well as the details of open interest ? If so, how ?

    I'm interested both using professional and private investor data - so far I get the professional commodities data and the us bundle + option on a private account but I still can't get the information in question (again it all shows up fine on stock and etf options)
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    Thanks Ghateley, but actually on Optiontraders the OI column doesn't populate with Futures Options. Also I see the impliedIV and historicalIV but can't get them on the chart for FOP.

    Can you share what market data you are subscribing to IB?

    As of TOS, I'm overseas and it's not the most convenient broker for that reason, besides incuring extra wiring costs for a would be very secondary accounty, there have been issues for offshore traders to get their funds reapatriated from TDameritrade.

    I did send a ticket to IB though, will see what they say.
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    You know what, you're right. I don't see OI on futures options. I was looking at regular listed options.

    Any particular reason you are looking for OI? To determine liquidity, just look at the bid/offer and the volume of the contract. If you are trading really big, I guess it would be a concern. On anything under a 10 lot, it doesn't factor into the equation.
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    Thanks again for your reply, I was indeed curious about the volume.

    In the meantime I received this reply from IB (they've been reactive)

    "IB does not offer open interest data for futures or futures options. To see this data you would need to visit the exchange web site on which the contract is traded."
  7. They do not even have true futures option settlement price histories either (just last trade).

    This makes their historical option price charts useless to me because I am frequently trading strikes that may be lightly traded.
  8. now.. what bit of information do you think will come of looking at open interest?
  9. m1ckey


    I'm just a novice, but couldn't you tell about whether a trade is a closing or opening transaction by monitoring open interest?
  10. Since the Interactive Brokers Market Brief URL in question says "Data available real-time to IB customers in Trader Workstation", it's a fair point that some of the data is not in fact available from them.

    One might hope that the data that is so important that it is included in IB's Market Brief for investment or trading decisions would be available from IB.

    I guess they do not really use their own tools to write this daily report. Maybe they should credit the real provider?

    Or change the text to read "Some of this data is available in real-time to IB customers in Trader Workstation."
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