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Discussion in 'Options' started by traderTX, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Just curious if there are any free or low cost analytics programs for options on futures (mostly the ags...grains, meats, softs). I have seen programs like OptionsOracle, or the ones on the TOS platform, but those are just for stocks. Currently paying DTN $75 per month for analytics, but curious if there is anything out there for less...not a big deal, but I am a certifiable tight ass, so I'm always looking to save a buck.

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    What kind of analytics do you need? If you have any ability with Excel you can probably building something that suits your needs as well or better using a set of Excel add-in option functions. The one I use is Hoadley www.hoadley.net, which comes with lotsa useful stuff. The whole package costs about $100.

    I also use DTNIQ as my data feed, and get quotes into Excel sheets using another add-in called XLQ. It's just a thousand times easier than DDE, which requires hard coding and is an impossible pain to use. The XLQ software is I think about $120 or so.

    Hoadley also has features that make it possible to bring quotes into Excel sheets from a number of sources. Most of those do option chains on stocks but not on futures. Apparently E-signal is one of the few that will do entire chains of options on futures.