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  1. Hey guys.

    I studied stocks for a while and I know that they have a opening price and closing price

    If you watch a stock in real time the "opening price" may go down the tape right at 930 or it may take 20-30 seconds maybe a while... But once this opening price is traded trading begins actively. The open and close are always a specific amount [larger quantity of shares at a exact "open" or close" price]

    For example. Aapl opens at 500.25 on 100,000 shares. Once this happens its "open"

    My question is directly related to crude oil and NQ for example.

    Do they have an actual "opening price" or not? because they are futures contracts

    Crude oil opens at 9:00 am sharp. Does crude oil have a opening price? Or is the "open" first trade at 9:00 am? How does it work!

    Thanks in advance to whoever helps me. Thank you

    *I am not talking about pre market* activity.

    I am talking actual opening price if there is one. Thanks!!
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    You're talking about the opening auction and the closing auction. And no, futures markets don't have it - mostly because they're not closed overnight. Many stock markets around the world don't have the auctions either.
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    Check with CME for futures opening prices. Yes they have opening, but it's not the same as RTH opening (which was the "official" opening before futures started to trade overnight).
  4. There is the settlement procedure across all the markets - futures,stocks,forex, where the price is marked to market at the certain time.
  5. 1) The NYMEX/CME crude oil "pit trading" session opens at 8am (Chicago Time). :)
    2) The open of electronic trading is 5pm (Chicago time), the day before. :cool:
    3) Depending on your data provider, the open can be either time on your charts. :confused:
    4) Instead of thinking of a market as having an "opening price", it's actually an "opening range", based on the very first print on the tape and the next few ticks, provided it is an "orderly and smooth" opening. The opening range can be "crazy" if there is unusual news preceding the opening. :eek:
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