Futures on Sterling?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by scalper132, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone use it? Good/Bad? Currently day trade on Sterling. Looking to possibly trade futures on it.
  2. Can anyone answer this one, If you are with WTS or under an LLC of one are you able to make odd lot trades under 100 shares??

    Ex: 30,60,70 size odd lot orders?

    If so what ECN do you need to route to.

  3. Anyone out there?
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  5. how about today anyone lol?
  6. Euler


    It seems that Sterling prevents you from entering entry odd-lot orders for all trading venues, even those that seemingly have no such restrictions whatsoever. I wonder whether they'd be interested in fixing this. Having to trade a minimum of 100 shares of BRK.A could be a headache for some day traders, but not me of course :D just kidding.
  7. FCCT


    Im pretty sure its against SEC regulations for a profession trader to trade under 100 shares. But if u get filled an odd or mixed lot, u can trade out of it.
  8. If you get a partial fill under 100 shares you can route to NASD or Arca to exit your trade.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong.