Futures Market Dead!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rahula Gautama, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. What is happening in your United of States? We here in Mumbai are seeing only scores of trades on our HersheyCharts. Firstly we were cursing EasySignal and InteractiveBoken, but nowly we are worring that your markets have been drained of their liquidity by the fiancial diarrhoea. Please advise, as we are being very anxious here.
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    Its a holiday our markets are closed until tomorrow.
  3. It is a holdiay in the United States and some, likely all the exchanges are closed. We call this holiday "Martin Luther King" day. I expect trading to resume tomorrow, Tuesday 16 January 2007.
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    Better ck your data link there, RG. i here the the Nigerians just
    exported 20 cases of fresh new 28k modems to you guys. As soon as you do upgrade from your 14k modem you'll be able to
    see all the action here today. Cheers, bro.
  5. Yesly, now I am understanding. We have that same tradition in my country, "Kill more dissidents, get more holidays".
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    Here's a hint for ya Rahula or whatever your name is:
    If your chart is'nt showing anything moving that's your first clue that something is amiss.
    Secondly, try not typing with all those bones hanging around your neck and hitting the keys.

    And lastly, you'd better enjoy what little you can of the trading today because President Reagan is going to buy your country tommorow.
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    omg.... i've trolled et for a while now, reading all the nonsense you guys spew at each other to show who has the biggest balls and all that.

    never planned on posting anything cause that's how i roll, but that is some of the funniest shit ever right there and i just had to say so.

    so there.

    thats my one and only contribution to this mental wasteland.
  8. What the hell, join the fun!

    I've lost a few IQ points from reading ET (not that I had many anyway), but sometimes it's a crackup.
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    My gigantic balls make mumbai boy's balls look like little peanuts. :D So there! Let the truth be known. Go out and spread the word. :cool:
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