Futures market data down with IB??

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by john99, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. john99


    Where are my data market lines?

    GLOBEX down...
  2. JDConner


    I'm down to.
  3. john99


    I just got a bulletin. It seems like all the stocks I'm watching are at a standstill.
  4. Maybe their "snapshot" is done for the day. :eek:
  5. It only took IB about 1.5 minutes to type out the report and
    another 2 min to actually send it out.

    Fast timing.
  6. Better a fast snapshot when things get flying than a slow, dougy
    sluggy feed like eSignal or TS... LOL...
  7. abxs


    I think we're back...
  8. abxs


    Or only for a split second... I just saw another candle forming but it's gone again...
  9. Like a candle in the wind, eh?
  10. Ive heard of snapshots but I think once every twenty minutes is sretching it.
    #10     Sep 19, 2006