Futures: Make $15,000 a day

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  1. Question: If I wanted to make $15,000 a day using an algorithmic futures platform, what kind of risk requirements would make sense?

    Ratios, Notional Values, Contracts per day, etc?
  2. Surdo


    Why $15,000 a day, why not $100,000?

    You will get the same responses here.
  3. You should sell that system when you write it. Youll be rich!
  4. My guess is he needs 3,000,000 per year. (200 trading days).

    I wonder if he will be willing to take 2-3 loosing days? Shit happens after all. 2,955,000 goal then?
  5. Throw all money management to the wind, blow out on CDOs or similar, and apply to the govt for TARP money. That would be the fastest way
  6. $ 2 955 000?

    Not worth your time. That wont be your grocery bill 200 trading days from now.

  7. Two choices : margin/equity ratio approach or volatility based approach.

    Usually maximum 30 % margin / equity ratio, 2 % max. intraday stop loss. Margin = Initial / Maintanance margin.

    Define "algorithmic trading platform"...
  8. stop ur paper trading fantasy
  9. Thanks for the only serious reply on this thread. There is a retail platform that wants me to trade for them using their system and in house money. They want me to device some risk metrics that I should adhere to while trying to hit the goal of an average day of $15,000.
  10. Here's anoher serious reply:

    If you have to come here and ask people what the appropriate "risk metrics" are then they choose the wrong person, and you should rescind the offer before you blow their account ... or you could just pull a Madoff. :D
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