Futures Magazine vs. Technical Analysis of S&C

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Buckeye, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Buckeye


    Any thoughts on which magazine is better?

    I subscribed to TA of S&C about 5 years ago and found it only moderately useful. Is it any better now?
  2. Htrader

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    I find TA of SC to be mostly advertisements for trading systems along with a few information stories each month. Nothing that you couldn't find yourself in a well-written book.
  3. Active Trader has extensive, detailed articles. This month they are on the third part of a long article on triangles.
  4. gordo


    switched over to active trader myself. Seems like it's a more complete publication than TASC, format seems to be more user friendly (easier to read - TASC has been almost academic at times). Found useful info in both. But, with Active Trader, I can flip through and get an idea of what may be useful to me. TASC seemed like I had to work with it more. Be fine if you enjoy reading college text books. AT seems to have better practical applications (trader interviews, etc.). Just my 2.
  5. Yeah Activetrader Magazine is more geared to how most of us make our living...
  6. Tony01


    If you're into futures, check out Stock Futures and Options. It's a fairly new magazine. I found out about it from an ET thread. It's been very good so far. Also the subscription is FREE!

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    what is it that you like about SFO? My subscription started about two monthes ago, and I haven't really spent any time with it. One of the issues looked like it had a decent overview of technical patterns - sort of a reference piece.
  8. Tony01


    I've been receiving it for two months also. Most of the magazine is about the upcoming release of SSF's and strategies/benefits of them. This was the main reason I subscribed as I am very interested in SSF's. I currently do not trade futures(only stocks) but find the articles interesting. The two issues I've gotten both have articles on ETFs. They also have articles on general trading rules/strategies. They also have a section in the back of each issue that shows different T/A on numerous charts and describes what is going on(nice reference). I find it's much like ActiveTrader in that it's well- written and easy to read.

    All that and it's free!

    Just my 2c,

  9. TASC is very good for those interested in computerized systems trading. My opinion is it has gone downhill over hte last couple of years in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience. Still, very good if you are a newbie or want to learn systems trading.

    Futures has improved dramatically. It was once basically a trade journal for those in the biz, now it appeals to traders in general with a range of articles. Useful for keeping up to date with reg changes and broker issues and has a good interview each month on the back page.

    SFO, too new to tell but seems to be largely for insiders in the securities biz.

    Active Trader, often a good read but articles are typically written by advertisers. Infomercial quality.
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