"Futures" license plate in Chicago

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BillySimas, May 15, 2008.

  1. Surdo


    Whoever owns this plate is not exactly big hitter with a 5 year old E320 MB!
  2. That should be on an Aston Martin
  3. Yeah it was actually an older woman in her 50's. So either her or her husband must have gotten that license plate like 20 years ago when they were rich. Then they probably shorted some euro and oil futures and now they're e-class poor.

  4. Dobbes


    This just in: Success is determined by the type of car you drive

    Seriously, have you guys heard of diminishing marginal utility? How much more car per dollar are you getting with an Aston Martin over a 3 series. I'd venture the utility/dollar is so low that you are literally throwing the money away to capture zero extra value.
  5. Both the car and license plate are about vanity, nothing else. How's this for diminishing marginal utility?


  6. I saw "SHORT CL" on a 72' Plymouth Fury
  7. :) that's great

  8. S2007S


    Yea that should be on an E350....
  9. Or just maybe it was the "second" car that is either used by the wife or by the husband as a "commuter" vehicle and the plates were transferred over from earlier times . . .

    Seriously, some of you college kids here on ET really need to OPEN your eyes a bit!

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