futures leaving bulls dismayed

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  1. after rallying from the lows yesterday on a rate cut and all the wall street pumpers talking about a bottom,todays action in the futures must be disheartening to the bulls.just goes to show,the market does what it wants and i believe the market is telling us there is much more downside. any opinions?
  2. I need to see a test of 1250 and 11,500 before I buy long for a trade.

    I'll do a cartwheel in my living room if I see it today.
  3. pumper man,you are one funny mofo! i hear ya though. wonder if we re est yesterdays low and bounce? or re test the low and go below it for a few minutes just to shake everyone out and then bamm !!!! the market is devised to screw unsuspecting traders. gotta have balls and you gotta have insight in this game.
  4. spinn


    Where is the 8:20 3/4 point rate cut?

    If they do that for a week banks will pay us to borrow money.
  5. Man, they're really tearing the hearts of bulls today... could capitulation be close at hand? I think this is more along the lines of LTCM than dotcom crash.
  6. They need to be ripped a new asshole. These last 4 years have been hell for perma bears. Payback is a bitch.

    David Tice is the MAN!

  7. I was thinking the same
  8. I'd be a rich mofo if I held my short position. I pussied out man. Should of been a greedy mofo!

    Just waiting to pick my spots now sitting safe in mostly cash (worthless cash that is)
  9. When the buy high, sell low people freak out is when I step in. Maybe they get rattled today and completely panic.
  10. yeah, but only for bounces. this can last a few years. we can find a temporary bottom but i think we go much lower. iyou don't drop 2 thousand points on the dow in les than 3 months and then resume an uptrend when the recession is at a very early stage and has'nt even been declared yet. wait til the jobs report show more losses. thats just my opinion. i think this recessionwill be much worse than 2001 simply due to the fact that we are dealing with an asset bubble that has much more of an impact on the economy than an internet stock. you just don't hit a sell button on real estate.
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