Futures is up, is collapse over?

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  1. time is the only solution... the market prognosticators... are under the influence that about a year from the initial cut, the stimulative effects will be seen in the economy...

    remember the government can tailor any situation they desire in key reports.
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    The PUMP up of overnight futures are bears using a illiquid market to lift price to suck in the BULLS.

    Watch out..FRIDAY...
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  3. When is your video ready? You keep talking about it?
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  4. Is it possible they would surprise cut during market hours? Or can we assume that if they don't cut by 9:30, then they aren't cutting?
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  5. Could happen. Rate cut before open, shorts hammer rally, Bush announces aggressive plan in P.M. , high close.

    Not that there must be anything substantial to justify maket action other than short/long ratio.
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  6. It would really be sad if Bernanke whored himself again to Wall St. and cut on Friday. Might as well have PPT tattooed on his forehead.

    Now with the stimulus package, $800 per individual? Are they nuts? With massive budget deficits, where is this money coming from? Money heaven?
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  7. No rate cut.
    Combination of mindless panic and margin calls and another 300+
    point down close.

    Fed is stupid
    Govt. dissinterested.
    Wife still nags
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  8. Before the open they could announce that Bernanke will make a statement at some time after the open.
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  9. 1,2, & 5 maybe.. but no to 3 and 4.
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  10. Nothing will make you happy? Rate cuts, economic stimulus? At least consider our Government gives a damn! They are stepping in and steering you in the right direction.

    If you were in Sudan or Sri Lanka you would be eating with bullocks face down from earth..
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