Futures is suggesting bottom is in; tomorrow is up!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Finally, after a really bad last few days we can once again start to rise! Plus, it's not like we can go lower than here. Buying opportunity of a lifetime!
  2. I feel like gambling. I just bought 1 YM contract now, and I'm not kidding
  3. Syprik


    You sound like a PPT shill. Not to mention, how exactly do the "futures" indicate the bottom is in? lol
  4. dude, futures were up 1.4% last nite and we saw how that turned out.
  5. Hahaha. PPT Shill? Maybe I am. Maybe I am.
  6. The fact that so many retail traders think the bottom is in, is telling me that we are due for a huge washout this week. Keep your powder dry, there's still more pain to come.
  7. New lows just now, another dumbass who thinks he can call a bottom in a bear market.
  8. lol calling the bottom here is no different than bears trying to call the top for 5 years. this decline is 25 years of revenge for how the mkt's been manipulated to no end 1000 times since the early 1980's. till we see massive redemption of mutual funds this isn't over and that could be next year before we see that. i'm sure some type of bounce is near in time but who knows if thats 100 pts or 2k pts away as things moving so fast. i do know the game has changed for years to come as the ass whipping people have taken will make them shy to return to stocks for many years to come

  9. nahh, that will never happen. We've already seen our huge declines.
  10. tell Baron the [/sarcasm] tag isn't working. but seriously, we've seen a bottom. Maybe a point here or there but that's it...
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