Futures is pointing up, yesterday fake down

Discussion in 'Trading' started by innovest_11, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. eom
  2. Could be a bull trap at the open... :D
  3. Sold my position afterhours, thought that next day will continue dropping, but futures prove otherwise. Bull still intact?
  4. This kind of situation happened before in previous Fed cut (quite sometime back), very similar...
  5. Don't worry, the Funds will dump their positions even worse than yesterday in the coming sessions.

    The little spolit brats didn't get what they wanted


    and 75 at the discount window

    Your positions will severely be diminished soon enough.
  6. Just as selling the close was a bear trap.

    The markets will do what causes the most people possible to lose the most.
  7. Fake down haha
  8. Lots of traders will be waiting to fade this rally.
  9. There are lots of reasons for the bounce. The most important one, is that Surfer was gloating how he finally got the market to go his way (for once).

    The Market hates this kind of bragging and will soon turn his near-breakeven trade into a total mess... :D
  10. fed pumping some liquid mojo into the market
    #10     Dec 12, 2007