Futures.io - anyone an elite member ?

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    BM and his crew have so much turnover it is barely a bat of his eyelash to kick/ban someone. His website is truly in the business of being a profit machine, with no goal other than to make money by grabbing more usershare. The contests he has each month? You think he loses money on that? No, he MAKES money. He makes money on EVERY THING HE DOES on that site.

    And good on him! That is what he intending. Once you understand that, you can understand why he does the things he does there. It's all groovy...man.
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    Yeah, it is all about money. The journal contests drive up site traffic, the prizes he gives are nothing compared to what he makes off it. He is so into making money off his userbase that when he was sued by AMP futures he set up a Donation page so the users could pay his legal fees. LOL!!!
    All the talk about BMT's mission to help traders is just his way of trying to differentiate himself from his competition and gain more market share for himself.

    But if I were him I would try to make money off it too. I just like to poke fun at it now and then, because he has been very critical of others in the business (including Baron) as if he is some kind of angel.
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  3. futures.io not worth it.
    no discounts given either
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