Futures.io - anyone an elite member ?

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  1. Please do. I have an algo that makes money....but only at THEIR super low exchange fee rates.
    When I apply MY exchange fee rates, it's a complete loser. Equity curve straight down.
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  2. RDK91


    • $100 off a new lifetime multi-broker license purchase of NinjaTrader2
    • $50 off your first monthly subscription, or 20% off an annual subscription, to DTN IQfeed3
    • 20% discount off Tradervue Journaling subscriptions4
    • One free month with the purchase of three months at Speedy Trading Servers5
    • 20% discount with TopstepTrader on a new Combine6
    • One free month in Al Brooks Trading Room w/purchase of Al Brooks Trading Course7
    • 10% discount off the purchase of a Jigsaw Lifetime License8
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  3. Thanks for this RDK....
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  4. usrx201


    I got an elite membership a long time ago. bigmike's been around since 2009 or so. In my opinion, it's mostly been a retail trader centric forum with a bias to the ninjatrader platform and (sim) trading ES or crude as mentioned. There are a few "resident" vendors on the site with their own AMA threads. Particularly, Jigsaw seemed to have initially amassed its growing following from there. I suppose it can be helpful or "fun" for those trying out sim trading or starting a journal thread and maybe learning about retail trading futures i.e. good luck learning to trade profitably or ever getting there. There's really not that much more in the elite section except now it seems all the downloads are elite only. I would agree with earlier comments that most of the journals are just fantasies and most don't show losers anyways even in sim. There also had been too much promotion of topstep like it was a legit path for retailers to get "funded". Not until Emmet's tradingschools.org broke out and exposed the majority of vendors as scams (as they'd always been most likely), did the vendor discussion/review section really get more scrutinizing. A positive is that fake id vendors were outed quickly, unlike here with the multiple fake id's currently doing the Alex W. thread here to smokescreen and distract from the exposure of Dean Handley's shenanigans posted in the "unregulated scams" thread. Overall, my gut feeling is that there are more professional or successful traders here on ET than on futures.io . And unless you really want fattail's old indicators for nt7, I don't see any pressing reason today to have access to the elite section. (for a discount on an Al Brooks product? seriously) my 2c
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  5. Pigsky


    Some nice extras there. But the free month in Al Brooks hindsight trading room really takes the cake. Where do I sign up? :p
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  6. wrbtrader


    Tradervue Journaling Gold cost $49 per month. An elite membership at futures.io goes for $50 and it gets you 20% off that $49 per month...

    I'm sure those into using a professional trade journal software to do the quantitative statistical analysis for them is probably worth the elite membership even if the elite member is not interested in anything the elite membership gives them access to.

    If that discount moves from 20% to 50% off...I'm sure others that plan to use Tradervue will go to futures.io and buy that elite membership just to get the 50% off Tradervue even if they never log back into futures.io :D

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  7. RDK91


    An elite membership goes for $100.
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  8. wrbtrader


    They double to price of the elite membership...will he double the discounts to offset the price increase ???

    For example via my Tradervue Journal software...from 20% to 40 or $200 off a lifetime license of Ninjatrader instead of $100 off.

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  9. usrx201


    I'd forgotten to mention, to be fair, the elite section of futures.io is isolated and protected from public viewing and there is an elite journal section, so journals and threads can be created or posted to and viewable only within the elite membership; and they're some archive webinars in the elite video section that aren't available on the public youtube channel (nothing really special, just more vendor, guest, or some member spotlight webinars) , so there's that. Yeah, I recall the elite membership pricing went up with that last big sprint about the time BM expatriated to Ecuador.
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  10. Pigsky


    Another banned member.... LOL Here is what got him banned.....

    "Most people here seem to be content with slapping each other on the ass and saying "it is all order flow" and quoting things how the markets were 30 years ago. If you think the markets haven't changed much you are an idiot, plain and simple.

    I have traded for 15 years and seen so much change. You just aren't paying attention or are basically full of shit.

    Good luck. Place is a waste of my time."

    Sure, it's snarky but worth a ban?
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