Futures.io - anyone an elite member ?

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    I joined some years ago ... I’m a dumbfvck sometimes ... no reason to go there ... Big Mike runs the place like Trump runs his administration. ET and Baron The better forum by a long ways.
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  2. Pigsky


    Doesn't seem worth it to me. If there was value then you would see some credible success stories out of the place.

    There is a 10 year history of journals over there. 57 pages with 20 threads per page. That is over 1100 journals. Probably many hundreds more in the elite section. So I'll say a couple thousand guys in total. Most all of them trying to trade spooz or crude intraday in the styles taught by the many broker webinars given.

    So how many these journalers have made use of all the resources there and been able to make a living punting futures intraday? Zero. LOL

    I'll never forget they used to have Best Of BMT awards each year and it was so funny. Some of the most popular users and threads were phonies who were running fake journals where they never had a losing day. LOL
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    Please don't compare him to Trump. Trump runs the country well.
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    Lol ... trump is a toad, just not quite as smart
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  5. I'd be interested in futures.io if there are discounts on Multicharts or DTN IQFeed.
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    I joined quite a while ago and what drove my decision were the indicators for Ninja Trader that "Fat tails" was posting in the indicator library. I also used several of the elite discounts. In addition they have several interesting webinars to participate in. (All are on You-tube for free if you like) It was 100 bucks which isn't a great deal of money.

    P.S. Fat tails has his own website (does cost to get access for NT 8 indicators). I won't post the link because he isn't a sponsor on E.T.

    If you just want to read the forum on futures i.o. it is free. Is it better than E.T.? Why do you think I still lurk on E.T. ? Why would I limit my forum reading to one particular site? I have learned a lot over at Futures.I.O. and the participants are much like those here on E.T. and you can learn a lot.

    Would I join again today? Probably. The discounts available if I were a newbie would probably come close to the cost.
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  8. wrbtrader


    In the old days...someone already with a CME membership had to sponsor you so you can get your membership.

    In contrast today...

    Would-be members must provide a statement of educational, work and residential history, any history of trading infractions, an accounting of assets and liabilities, a birth certificate and a color photo of themselves.

    Exchange staff also “shall inquire into and be satisfied with respect to the reputation and financial responsibility of the applicant,” the market’s rule book says.

    Once the applicant’s photo has been posted on the exchange floor and the applicant’s name circulated to other members via a weekly newsletter, the would-be member has 30 days to buy a seat through the exchange from another member.

    For a second I thought the above was application rules for a U.S. passport.

    Yet, after all of the above verification...maybe they deserve to get that .25 per contract and I've heard some get better rates (less than .25) per contract. :D

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  9. Yeah, well that just makes me feel better now that I am booking around 200 contracts per day.
    So instead of paying $50 per day, I am paying $236 per day or over $1100 per week !!!
    WTF !!! This sucks.
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    Its an unfair advantage especially when the position size begin to increase. I won't bother to mention the type of rates a institutional trading firm is getting when they do those algorithmic trading or HFT type trading.

    Another front on the battle lines...the CME Group released the Micro E-mini futures (1/10 of the size). Retail traders will jump all over it until the broker can figure out a way to lube us up too.

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