Futures.io - anyone an elite member ?

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  1. This seems to be a competing website. https://futures.io
    Lots of content, but much of it blocked unless you pay "Big Mike" for an elite membership.
    Just wondering if anyone here has subscribed...and whether or not you found it beneficial.
  2. MKTrader


    From what I've seen it's no better. Take a quick look. Webinars, "best trading idea for 2019," "would this crazy system work" questions and ever-elusive search for "2 pts a day for the ES / 20 pips a day in forex" methods. From a brief glance, here's the best post I saw and it's from someone whose membership was revoked:

    "The "2 points a day and quit" rally cry has gone on ever since the ES came into existence by sleazebag vendors who couldn't make 2 points profit in a month, let alone a day. What a seductive come on to seperate you from your money for the system that will make all your dreams come true."

    If Big Mike had the answers, he wouldn't be wasting his time running a forum and charging for elite-level memberships.
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  3. glazier


    I think I am, tbh! Not been on the site in years, though
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. It appears that Big Mike has taken the subscription model whereas Baron has taken the advertising model. Nothing wrong with either approach. I am just concerned about the quality of the content and it's pretty darn good here on ET. I get great feedback often.
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  5. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Go with Baron. His advertising model offers more transparency, although you may have to weed out the nonsense from new users.
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  6. Overnight


    I say he should go with both, and if/when he has to decide on one or the other, he should do so based upon the quality of content, and the treatment by the establishment.
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  7. Overnight


    Also, Big Mike's forum does not have our favorite moderator...

    You can find no substitute.
  8. wartrace


    I paid for Futures.Io elite membership. They have member discounts on products along with other benefits. I paid for my membership (+/-) with the discounts alone.
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  9. Can you provide a link to their "deals" ? I could sure use a $1 discount per contract on my CME Group exchange fee for EMinis. Current fees are near-criminal level IMHO.
  10. Overnight


    What fees are you paying that are "criminal"?
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