Futures in IRA @ IB

Discussion in 'Trading' started by u130747, Jul 2, 2003.

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    Just checked my account type and got approved for futures, SSF and options on futures in my IRA @ IB. Now can trade both long and short there also.

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  2. How can it be? I thought IRA accounts cannot be margin.
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    The prohibition is on purchasing assets for an IRA with borrowed funds. When you purchase shares on margin, that is what you are doing - buying shares w/ funds borrowed from your broker.

    When you post 'margin' on a futures position you are not borrowing funds but posting a bond as security against potential losses. There is no prohibition on futures per se, long or short, in an IRA.

    The above copied from another post on ET.

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  5. Tried a trade, still getting reject, even though account looks approved.
  6. I see the subtle difference. But as long as it is allowed who cares. All I want to do is trade, trade and trade some more.