Futures going vertical

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock_trad3r, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. DOW

    8212.49 8308.0 146.00 8169.49 8308.0 138.51

    S&P 500

    843.74 855.5 16.20 840.44 855.5 15.06

    up 2% for spooz
  2. cvds16


    it's only a 2% move, nothing much to cry victory about ...
  3. Congress gave in to the market what do you expect. See arm twisting works on wimps.
  4. You would have known this was coming 3 days ago if you read my thread instead of just bitching on it now and then. For once Stock just suck it up and say how good I am... you know this is far from the first time I've predicted the turn beforehand. In fact I think it's been every one of the turns in the past year. It's amazing that ultimately they have meant nothing but allow me to put food on the table while in the future all my stocks continue their primary direction... but for now to be loaded up with 3X index funds in the place to be! ~ stoney
  5. CET


    It's options expiration day, so what did you expect. Anyone that does not know this part of the game is surely at a disadvantage.
  6. Yeah, you're not smart enough to get it wrong everytime.

    What about your cheerleading all the way down from SPX 940?
  7. Calm down sparky. A little perspective.
  8. I am beginning to think that Stock trad3r just might be smart enough to get it wrong everytime.