Futures getting better

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eagle488, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Futures were horrible an hour or so ago. Seem to be getting better.

    I prefer the futures negative and improving premarket versus where the futures are real high and then go negative.
  2. S2007S


    markets down slightly at the moment. Im sure they will be back positive by lunch time...nasdaq holding better because of google.
  3. Holding up well. Could be because, for once, most of the other powers are on our side, as they don't want NK playing around with nukes either?

    Always something interesting going on in the market...

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  4. Well, it just confirms, that, SO FAR, the market is strong. It takes news very nicely, ie most news are viewed as positive.
  5. Not most news. All news.