futures flat ... all 3 major indices bumping into 10dma overhead

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gharghur2, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Might be a good day to see the market roll over?
  2. NO FEAR :)
  3. Been bouncing off of 2114 COMPX for about an hour now
    About to try again to break it
  4. did the glass floor just break?

  5. breaks of support in this market are free money buy signals..

    all aboard $$
  6. congrats once again to all those who play the no risk buy breaks of support on volume free money system$$
  7. nice pop!
  8. go Greenie !!!

    "ppt is and should be allowed to alter stock market through active intervention"

    well... at least he admits it now

  9. They have been active since Greenspan took over!
    Wayne Angell admitted it, personally, in the late 1980's
    Still doesn't change the market much...
  10. jeez...

    who'da thought they'd run it up again at the end of the quarter. :)
    #10     Sep 27, 2005