Futures falling !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Did any new hit the wire of what
    The futures looking like they are just falling !!!!!!!!
  2. Asia is tanking... rate decision from BOJ just came out too... I don't know other than that. The EuroFX went wild around 10:05pm EST and I was wondering what was up too. The news about the Obama spending freeze was earlier in the evening so I'm not sure if that was it or not, maybe so. Oh well, I'm taking the money and running either way tonight!!
  3. Obama talking about a 3 year spending freeze.
  4. I remember a parable when I was in elementary school about the sky falling. It turned out to be acorns falling from a tree and hitting them on the head. hehe :p

    Anyway, testing fridays lows is no biggie.
  5. That was a nice gap lower...just flushed through a bunch of bids, seems to have stabilized.

    Can't find any news...
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    China just raised reserve requirements. 7 day yields just popped 20 basis points.
  7. They way it is going i think we are heading way lower.
    Has to do with asia i guess
  8. Thx. Link?
  9. You would think watching USDJPY or Treasuries might be protocol to trading ES at night, duh!
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