futures falling extremely hard

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    In the last 20 mine futures have fallen so hard that tomorrows open is going to look like today 4pm closing. I think it has to do with carry trade unwinding.
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    this is why i say cnbc asia/euro and bloomberg tv are mostly worthless. they don't depart from script EVER- haven't even mentioned it. Japan is halted (don't know if it's just ib- assuming a circuit breaker oe something.

    geesh, i'm gonna have to spring for a bloomberg terminal...

    edit: uph... looks like it's just POS interactive brokers. geesh, i need a REAL broker.
  3. Must be the Asian/ Aus/NZ markets factor. Wed. should be very interesting ... to watch. There is no way I am trading anything but 1 - 3 cars max.
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    It finally crossed around 1:30am.

    This is significant.

    Tomorrow could be a repeat of 1987...

    The fed has to say something immedietly.
  5. where do you see the open???????????????
    9100 on the dow seems a very signifigant level-last two market drops lost 34% from peak
    dow was at 14k-------- 9100 is 34% down
    only thing is it took 2 years to get there last time this time its a very rapid decline similar to 1929-if so
    where is the oversold level around????????????????

  6. The Fed pumped in a trillion dollars the other day and has agreed to buy endless commercial paper. Plus last time bernanke spoke, the market tanked :p
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    Amazing how the drops are always faster than the move ups.

    Dow futures down 220

    S and p down 23

    NASDAQ down 27.50
  8. this is getting uglier by the minute. I can't believe Bernanke isn't printing and giving free cash to the banks by now. America should be at defcon 1 with this shit. Hide the women and children!

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    Does anyone think bernanke is even sleeping or is he tuned into bloomberg watching the futures fall as if tomorrow might be 1987 all over again.
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    yeah, fed seems out of bullets. well, short of declaring a national blow job day: prove you only went long stocks at the end of the day and get a blow job. give those girls at scores something to do during this slow time...
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