Futures Execution via Tradestation

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by jem, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. jem


    Has anyone used the new futures plaform for tradestation? The stand alone platform. Was there something wrong with the old platform?

    Is it good, how are the fills etc.

  2. links

    links Guest

    Its much better than the old web based one. The execution/fills are very fast. However its not that user friendly, I usually have both open, use the new app to place/cancel orders but use the old one to check positions, account balance etc. Its a real pain to trade futures via Tradestation, lets hope their newer version 7 is better.
  3. bobcathy1

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    Yes, I am waiting to see if they improve it on the next version. I am at IB because it is better and cheaper and use TS charts.
  4. jem


    Just let you guys know I used it today for the 30 year bond pit today. Good fast fills and cancels. But I was disconnected from server a few times which is not good. I agree it is not that user friendly but so far I am satisfied b/c I submit stops. I agree there are much better platforms for scalpers but I funded my ts account to postion trader in other markets. I am interested to see how it will work in other places like the crude or metals pits.
  5. so how do you input limit orders quickly with the software? market orders do not seem to get good fills ...
  6. jem


    with the stand alone version you go to the quotes page and click. once or twice i forget. That sets up a buy or sell ticket. Then you switch the price or make a stop or limit then transmit. The software interface is not built for speed.

    But once I send the order I have gotten some fast fills. Even in the corn pit. So I think the refco part of the process is great. The software is not so good. But since I am not in a hurry with this software it seems like a good deal so far. Only about 12 trades total but maybe 20 orders.

    I have not sent a market order.
  7. thx. it seems to fill in a limit price. but it still looks more suitable for corn pit than the e-minis :)