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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by qazmax, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. qazmax


    What would the ideal futures order entry screen look like for you?

    I was asked this by a broker at the online trading expo in Anaheim... they are developing a futures trading platform.

    I have not yet traded any futures, so I told her what I thought would be good...

    it would be a market maker style of entry. Where you could cue up bids on the left side of the screen and offers on the right side of the screen. With streaming quotes in the center.

    Then to place an order all you would have to do is hit a hotkey for sell or buy, or double click on a cued trade.

    Does anyone have screen shots of the way you like to enter orders for electronic futures or reglar futures?

    I am going to create a .gif of my ideal and see if I can sway them to be better than what exists.

  2. Atlantic


    well i don't wanna hype here - but ib's tws offers everything i'm dreaming of. just a few columns for bid/ask/last price - order status, etc. / hot keys for price up/down - transmit/cancel - buy limit/sell limit. that's it.
  3. qazmax


    I used to have an IB account for stocks and options...

    Is the futures screen the same format...? Do you have a picture of it you can post? Are you sure you cannot dream a better window?

  4. Atlantic


    it's the same - just depends on the individual setup. i can't post a pic - .bmp is too large - sorry.