Futures (/ES) vs Forex trading - spreads and commisions to breakeven

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  1. I trade futures extensively; almostly exclusively /ES but am looking into expanding into forex.

    Can someone compare forex vs futures from these perspectives.

    1. How is liquidity for forex compared to ES?
    2. Say i pick the two or just one most liquid forex pair; is it comparable to ES from a spread perspective? is it better?

    3. Best platform for forex? (ofcourse it depends on personal experiences but your favorite platforms)

    4. Best books?

    5. Other resources? (forex specific message boards)

  2. no replies? jeez. i thought i will get a lot of useless info that i will have to sift through.
  3. irniger


    - Forex is the most liquid market. >70% is EURUSD, I heard someplace.

    - Good charting program is Metatrader.

    - Most simple and easiest to trade time frame is H4 (4 hrs.), better than scalping or lower time frames.

    More info on my forex trading pm me.

  4. emg


    Funds control the futures market and banks control FX.

    Because FX is not as tight regulated vs futures market, banks takes massive slippage from small traders and walk away.

    If u are consistently profiting in FX, banks will take your profit money. Read the link below:


    U notice the CFTC and NFA never name any banks in the compliant.
  5. RichardN


    1) The liquidity in the FX markets is huge – Somewhere in the region of $3.2 Trillion traded per day. When you consider a large % is traded within the major currency pairs you should find entering/exiting markets at desired levels isn't an issue.

    2) From a spread perspective you should find FX to your liking as well. You will be familiar with paying a Ticket charge for each trade you make in the Futures markets, which is on top of the inherent cost of the spread.

    Within the FX markets you will only pay the spread and when trading the likes of EUR/USD or USD/CHF for example, you will find the spreads can be as low as 1 or 2 pips which makes them very competitive.

    3) The best platform is a difficult one – It all comes down to personal opinion. I’ve traded with a number of companies and I always liked Saxo bank's – They aren’t the cheapest, but they do have alot of choice and good interbank liquidity.

    4) Take a look at the following link for some ideas on FX books - http://forexone.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/e-book-forex-collection/

    Hope this helps.