Futures (ES) and NinjaTrader for non-US

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  1. karnak


    Hi all,

    first of all I want to say I'm really newbie in trading. I tried some trading on crypto but market there is really crazy so I started to looking other possibilites. I bought Day One Traders - Scalping Masterclass course which teach ES scalping with two legged pullbacks. Okey, I watch whole course, get NinjaTrader 8, but now I'm stuck at two things:

    - broker. I'm from Europe and have open account at Interactive Brokers but looks like setup for this broker is pretty hard on NinjaTrader. Is PhillipUSA okey?

    - data feeds. I didn't know that I need data feeds to have charts in NinjaTrader. Is there any free one, maybe? To get as much as possible capital for start :)

    Thank you in advance for my newbie questions :)

    Stay healthy and have a great day!
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  2. hey mate, here are the data feeds of NT8

    re brokers...well there are choices there too...eg even Ninja trader has a broker service
    i use transact for futures myself and i live away from USA too.

    all the best !
  3. DevBru


    With AMP you can get low margins ($50 for MES) and cheap commissions ($0,74 round turn for MES), Multicharts.NET for free and top of book data for CME for $1.

    Probably the cheapest way to start.
  4. Turveyd


    Sounds good, very good need to sort out move from Spot to AMP or similar soon.

    Do they support Ninja? Multicharts is a pig of a resources hog and slow, only 4gb 32bit OS just complaining ram shortage, Ninjas fine, so stuck to I upgrade my PC :(
  5. karnak


    With AMP you mean this https://www.ampfutures.com/ ? Are they compitable with NinjaTrader? Because I bought custom indicator for NT8. On their website they mention only Sierra Chart?
  6. Overnight


    AMP supports only customers who had their Ninja license with them from before 2016, or thereabouts.
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  7. karnak


    I just got same answer from their support. Just only for users before 2015... So, I'm looking to another option, because I want to follow this course and indicator is only for NT8 :(
  8. Overnight


    I don't recall seeing any negative feedback here about Ninja brokerage, reasonable margins, and you get the benefit of them also being your platform provider.
  9. karnak


    I just don't understand. They are broker, but when I try to open account I need to select between these two firms and Dorman doesn't accept clients from my country. Is PhillipCapital ok? Anyone using it?

    Sorry for that questions but I'm really careful with these steps, because in EU we have many scams or even legit companies with so much tricks in their operations.

  10. In which country are you based?

    I'm in Norway and use Dorman / NT Brokerage. My only complaint is the lack of an online portal where I could manage positions in the event of a failure with NT, check my account balance, etc. Executions and customer service is top notch.

    I've talked to a few people using Phillip as well and never heard any complaints.

    These are serious and legitimate companies as far as I can tell.