futures down---redux.....GET USED TO IT FOLKS!

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  2. We will see....this is the second Friday to Sunday night SHORT trade that I have been in the last few months for the ES (I really liked last Sunday night). There has to be a sentiment shift to change the markets direction, the dollar move could be one part of a series of market/economic changes that could change the markets overall direction ahead.
  3. asian markets starting off down........no M and A `s so far...................least resistance is down from here!
  4. nikkei +71 :D
  5. The Dip Dogs will be all over it within 30 minutes of the opening.....
  6. whats wrong with this thread openeR?

    so who cares if the market is down
    whats it matter to you if its down for the next 10 weeks?

    Do you have a large position short? No.

    End of story

    Its like a guy going "theres a lot of hot women at X bar"
    And he's sitting at F bar yelling at the top of his lungs
  7. Ya'll getting your panties in an uproar over 1/2 point?
  8. too freakin' funny...hee hee all asia on utter fire. lmao.:D

  9. lol

    hey.. 1/2 point is huge to shorts nowadays....:D :D :D
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