futures down---looks like ths is the start of the sell-off!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. futures down 26 looking pretty damn week to me you bagholders:)
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  2. down 30 if you had any long positions at these levels you deserve to give your money away to me idiot longs:)
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  3. There's also dollar sell-off.
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  4. This looks about right because too many were trumpeting the statistic of 80% of Friday's after Thanksgiving being an up day. I'd say there is 0% chance of that now, and the selling will probably have follow through since it will catch many by surprise in the morning. Yes, it's different this time.
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  5. mgarc


    covering my shorts.
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  6. WOW a Black Friday sale in the market!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. Oh yeah, it's a biggy alright.
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  8. LOL yeah!

    Hopefully the chinese don't line up to sell the USD like those fools lining up in front of Best Buy.

    (artifical scarcity = panic buying)

    Not likely though. No change in interest rates, oil, and USD fluctuations have little short term effect as the USD/Yuan peg has the most influence on the average consumer. Those $/JPY and EUR/USD changes will take a little longer to percolate through the economy as they will affect corporations more unless you are going to buy a mercedes or going on the grand tour, in which case you are not that price sensitive, anyway.

    Consumer buying in this setting bolsters the equity market through the consumer discretionarys. Foreign interests perceive US equity assets cheap through the declining dollar & buy. Momentum suckers mom and pop investor into putting money back into the stock market as bond yields stink and the stock market is on a tear since last year...

    Up until mid february. After that, reevaluate.
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  9. Watch the thing come back ... :eek:
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  10. S2007S


    forget the malls, this is where its at, wouldnt go shopping for sales in the market today just yet....and can someone please get these kids off the floor of the NYSE...
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