futures down---looks like ths is the start of the sell-off!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Nikkei 225 11/24 - *11:00
    15,694.55 - 219.68

    geo-political concerns going to sell off this market!!
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    What is it with the addiction to call tops and bottoms? People can't even wait for technical or fundamental reasons, they just want to be the first in line for the graveyard.

    That's the aggravating thing about these boards: there's always someone obsessed with some countertrend idea willing to post a new call.
  5. i was about to post if everyone would shut the hell up and stop trying to call tops maybe we'd crack hard. damm every time the futures are down 3 or 4 we get top calls. top callings getting old
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    If you call 10 tops you can refer to the one that was right and attract millions of investors based on the track record you dont have.
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    Where's my suicide belt?? :eek:
  8. you perma-bulls know it`s just a matter of days to weeks.....come on you can only push up these stocks on no fundamental news for so long......with the prevailing sentiment that iraq is a quagmire, housing more to go til bottom, slowing growth.....democrats now in control---they will push all these anti-business initiatives....this rally was entirely manufactured....and oncesomebody blows on it....it is going to fall hard....when it falls....the buying looks pretty tired to me this past week.....if it doesn`t start this week, it will be next week......everybody knows the end is here....the question is do we crash hard off these inflated highs...or do we just quietly wind down.....and then slowly gain momentum to the downside...the dollar is crashing, wage pressures are rising......and the credit markets are way over-extended......no way this rally continues straight through til next year.....because this isn`t based on y2k money where companies were spending tons on technology....just watch the resistance to any up move the next 2 weeks:)
  9. yeah, bullish.
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