Futures down big 06:08 PM EST

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PoundTheRock, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. NQU05.D -14.00
    ESU05.D - 8.75
  2. update


    ES down 9.50
    NQ down 14.5


    Sep SPoos low 1194

    Sep NQ's low 1544.50
  3. Thats not a big drop... nothing too worry about this whole thing is an exageration...
  4. Crude prices are running on fumes... this is the final parabolic run... now prices are entering puke territory.
  5. Well it is a big drop for this time of day? It's only Sunday afternoon. Most traders enjoying supper with the family or something.
  6. BCE


  7. great observations....the "fumes" part wins the tongue-in-cheek award.

    some big short covering from last week, I imagine.
  8. Once the dust settles... the economy will start to slow down.. and oil prices will peak and settle under $60.

    Fair value of oil is in the 50's. We need Bush to tap the reserves.. and the oil party will be over.
  9. Gotta agree with that, people are bidding up crude like the gulf just ran out of oil for good. Summer driving season ends in a few weeks and i'll bet we see oil at $50 again by Christmas. Enjoy the fireworks!
  10. The world including the gulf is at peak oil, you will not see $50
    dollar ever again, not in this lifetime anyway.
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