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    I'm looking for a futures demo account that is in real time and realistic to learn how to trade the commodities. Any suggestion please?
  2. I suggest you learn about the market you plan to trade before heading off to a simulator.

    - Spydertrader
  3. InteractiveBrokers has a demo if you open an account with them. They also have good info on the margin required to trade futures.
  4. Hi

    You can get free demo accounts from Alpari russia and also from ODL securities.Just search

    Metatrader is great because there are already many prewritten software programmes for trading strategies.You can use free metatrader demo accounts for testing ,then trade with a futures broker

    This software called Expert advisors will allow you to forward test the live market ..........without you sitting infront of a screen all day.

    It will also execute your strategies ie buy,sell,stop ,close,trail etc

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    I have studied markets. I'm 38 and I've kept up with all markets since I've been 35. I know the risk and I'm a technical trader not a fundamental one. I daytrade equities on a daily basis.
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    Just in case anyone is wondering I would be interesting in trading crude oil, copper, and any grains/softs. I signed up for 3 demos and 2 haven't gotten back to me. One demo was horrible and I didn't find it useful at all. I haven't tried the recomendations yet but I'm going to be looking up these post next.

    Any others? Please/Thankyou
  7. You can download demo accounts in 5 minutes off the internet for free.

    I use them all the time I got 20 DEMO ACCOUNTS no problems

  8. Try Ninja Trader from Mirus Futures.
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    How do you find 20 demo accounts. That must have took alot of time to search for them no? I recently looked and found 3 so far although I'm still looking on spare time.
  10. http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=metatrader+demo+accounts&meta=

    free demo accounts

    The two that I use for oil are ODL securities and Alpari(russia)

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