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    I use this course to trade futures as well as options on futures. Daytrade. Absolutely excellent course that is proven to work. I have the rights to sell 2 copies and if you are interested I can demo the course live as I trade it. PM me if you would like details.
  2. Put up a brokerage statement and you'll have someone interested.
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    What course is this, name etc. other details.
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    Good one. I promise to stand on my hands for at least 2 mins if he does it.
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    Sorry, it took me so long to respond. The Author of this Course, who also wrote a book on it which he has since withdrawn his copyrighted book from the publisher and prohibited further distribution. The reason is that he was threatened by the CTFC and NFA from making any claims regarding the claims of the course and book's validity as an amazingly successful system of trading. He requested that I relinquished any rights that I may have had to sell 2 reprints of the course. I agreed. I gave the 2 copies to a friend and the 2nd to a relative. So, I should have posted this earlier and withdrawn the offer to sell.

    As to your request for a brokerage statement -- while I consider the request to be unfounded -- particularly since I had offered to trade it live to those interested without any obligation on their part. Nonetheless, here is one of my brokerage statements:
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