Futures creep

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  1. The way the futures creep works is that after a big selloff like today the futures gradually drift higher for the entire session until the markets open 1-1.5% higher @ 9:30. It isn't a sudden buying frenzy, but a long, gentle rally that sucks in a lot of shorts who are duped into believing it will be faded easily.

    827.16 829.5 2.60 825.11 829.5 4.39

    showing a 2.6 point gain
    The spy is up 35 cents in AH so far




    I suggest taking profit now if you made any being short today.

    You can always short again @ the open.
  2. We are due for a health pop tomorrow.
  3. yea...look like we'll see a nice pop tomorrow morning and with support at 7850 holding ..the gains will be locked.

    827.16 830.9 4.00 825.11 830.9 5.79
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    I always have thought A.D.D. was another pharma scam, but you have made me a believer. Unfortunately, you are the only one that should be taking those drugs!

    All output of ignorance and no input of reality! Wooohoooo!
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    trad3r i think that dude is hitin u below the belt. u can't help it if ur an eternal optimist...go get um. but always trade what u see!!!
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    Wow, too bad you blew your entire wad on options that are set to expire worthless shortly otherwise you could trade this amazing phenomenon you've discovered.